My March 2016 Playlist

Hello again and a happy easter. I am now on Easter holidays, which hopefully means more posts whilst I inevitably procrastinate revising.


I have spotify (you should follow me my username is phoebs_14) and I always make monthly playlist. Essentially at the beginning of each month I find artists I want to listen more to, or songs from last month that I still like. I don’t restrain myself to the songs I choose at the beginning of each month, I add more as I go. Anyways, I thought I would share with you my top 5 songs from my March 2016 playlist.

1. What You Know- Two Door Cinema Club
I am going to Reading Festival this Summer and I saw that Two Door Cinema Club are playing on the day I’m going. On spotify this came up as their most popular song and for good reason. Personally I really love the mixture of instruments. The song starts off as busy, then it calms down as the verse begins and gradually builds to the chorus. The chorus is so catchy, if you haven’t listened to this song already I highly recommend it!

2. Stronger- Kanye West
Generally, I stay away from rap. I only listen to Hoodie Allen, that is about as far as it goes. However this song is really easy to get into, and has a cool electronic sound. If you typically don’t listen to rap music, I would still highly recommend this song!

3. Old Yellow Bricks- Arctic Monkeys
This song comes from the Arctic Monkeys second album, Favourite Worse Nightmare. I almost prefer this album to AM, just because there is such a range of songs on this. I might do a whole post on this album, so look out for that. Anyways I really like the harsh, strong beats of the guitar and drums, contrasting with the slightly mellow chorus. Additionally the lyrics are so interesting to listen to, but they always are when it’s the Arctic Monkeys.

4. Live Forever- Oasis
Personally I have never liked oasis. I put it down to one car journey where my brother played their songs for two hours, and it felt very repetitive. I prefer the High Flying Birds. It is much more suited to me, I think. However I do really like this song, because it sounds quite old school, and has a chilled out feeling to it. I love Liam’s voice with the guitar in this song. Maybe I will have to give Oasis another try.

5. Imagine- John Lennon
This is a truly iconic song. I really love singing, and I put this on my playlist because I like singing to it. This song is just calm and simple with such a powerful meaning. It has been particularly iconic this month in light of the Brussels attacks, and I think it is quite a comforting song.

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Back to where it all began- Bright Lights

Hello, long time no post. I’m not very good at keeping on top of this blogging thing am I?

Essentially today I thought I would take it back to where it all began. When I was about 10 I got my first iPod, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was a green iPod nano, where you had to scroll a circular key pad (which was very annoying for big handed people like myself). I remember my dad had just figured out how to download songs on itunes, and he downloaded one album onto my iPod: Bright Lights, by Ellie Goulding.

As I have gotten older I am a much less frequent listener if Goulding’s music, but I obsessed over this album when I was younger. Not because I was a huge Ellie Goulding fan, but purely for the sheer joy of listening to music. I would dance to every song and sing in my bedroom. A song from the album that I still like to sing along to now is ‘The Writer’ it really is a beautiful song.

The reason I have decided to write about this album is despite the fact pop music wouldn’t be my preferred genre, this album is everything I do love about pop music. Goulding’s wispy voice is a perfect match for the electro sounds on this album. There is enough up tempo songs to keep you interested, but the slower songs are just as powerful.
I thought I would tell you my top 3 songs which you should definitely listen to:
The Writer: I just love the lyrics behind this song and it an easy song to listen to. You don’t really have to think too much about it to enjoy it,
and sometimes thats exactly what music needs to be.

Little Dreams: This upbeat song has a clearly retro vibe to it. The
electronic sounds are a perfect fit with the melody.

Guns and Horses: This song gives a nice contrast to the electro heavy songs on the album. A pleasant listen, with a light feel to the song.

I’m not going to lie, writing about why I liked the songs was a little difficult! I have liked them since I was 10 years old, it’s become natural for me to enjoy listening to them. If you are looking for a sensational album with completely powerful and songs, then this album probably won’t float your boat. But if you want a change from the samey pop music on the charts at the moment, give this album a whirl. There isn’t a song I dislike on the album, which I think proves it must be good.

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Festivals you HAVE to go to

Currently, festival line up announcements are being churned out by the dozen. I thought I would round up my favourite festival lineups for you if you were thinking of going to any this summer.

Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Exeter
Dates: 28th, 29th May
Headliners: Coldplay
Acts worth watching: Bring me the horizon, Ellie Goulding
Not much information has come out about this festival yet, but if you didn’t manage to get tickets to Glasto when tickets came out about 2 million years ago, this could be the one for you, as Coldplay are the headline act. This festival is absolutely free, though getting tickets is incredibly hard, but the full line up is likely to be great, so keep your eyes peeled for tickets.

Isle of Wight Festival
Dates: 9th-12th June
Headliners: Queen+Adam Lambert, Stereophonics, Faithless
Acts worth watching: Iggy Pop, Gabrille Aplin
In terms of talent, this festival is going to have bucket loads this year. Adam Lambert and Queen work so well together, this headliner is not one to be missed. Featuring some old school classics like Adam Ant and Iggy Pop, if you like older music, this is your festival.

Hyde Park BST
Dates: 2nd, 8th and 9th of July
Headliners: Florence and the Machine, Mumford and Sons, Take That
Acts worth watching: Wolf Alice, Ella Eyre
BST is actually a day festival with three separate headliners. Personally, I would want to see Florence and the Machine, but if you are more into pop music, the date with Take That also features Olly Murs, among others. If you do not like the thought of camping overnight at a festival, this would be a great alternative.

T in the Park
Dates: 8th-10th July
Headliners: Stone Roses, Calvin Harris, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Acts worth watching: Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Last Shadow Puppets.
The line up for this festival is effectively like Reading and Leeds, but more. There is a mix of pop with Calvin Harris and Tinie Temper, but of course there are some real rock names as well. Additionally, Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) and Miles Kane’s band is performing, and I personally think they will be outstanding live.

Reading and Leeds Festival
Dates: 26th-28th August
Headliners: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foals, Disclosure
Acts worth watching: Imagine Dragons, the 1975, Twenty One Pilots
I want to go to Reading SO BADLY. The line up this year is, in my opinion, incredible. They are announcing two more big acts for the festival, so things can only really get better. This is definitely one to put in the diary.

There are my top festival picks, I hope you enjoyed. My next post will be on Saturday, so check back then.