Favourite Worst Nightmare 9 Years On…

Wow this is mental, 2 posts in 2 days? What am I like? I discovered that this day 9 years ago Favourite Worst Nightmare, topped the uk album charts. As this is currently my favourite album, it only seemed fitting to post!


To me, this is one of those albums where I like every song. Granted, there are songs which I like less, but on the whole the album is a great purchase.
Top 3 Songs
D is for Dangerous, favourite lyric- ‘I think you should know you’re his favourite worst nightmare’

Old Yellow Bricks- favourite lyric- ‘I want to sleep in the city that never wakes up’

505, favourite lyric- ‘I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck’

Least Favourite Song
Teddy Picker- This isn’t a bad song to be honest, but personally it would be the song I would most likely skip. I know lots of people who think Only Ones Who Know is too slow and doesn’t fit with the whole album, but personally I like it! It is the first time in the Arctic Monkeys career where we see Turner’s softer writing capabilities and a more delicate side of the band.

This was a very short post, but I simply had to make a post for my current favourite album. I just find myself constantly listening to it and with every listen I always find something new that I like about each song. I hope you enjoyed reading and I would love to know your opinions. As always, be sure to follow the blog and also follow me on Twitter. That would be pretty cool.


Favourite Songs from all genres?!?

Hello everyone, I hope your week is going well. If you have read my (very few) posts, you will know that I like the alternative/Rock genre. I was once showing my friend my music and she said it all sounded the same. THE SAME?!?! Clearly I was outraged, obviously Arctic Monkeys sound completely different from the Chili Peppers! That being said, I do like to listen to songs from other genres, and I am going to share them with you today.

Indie Pop/ Dream Pop- Roses, The Chainsmokers
This song comes from the people who brought us ‘But first, let me take a selfie’ so it was a surprise when I found out they didn’t just do comedy and parody songs. I just love the electronic sounds and the dreaminess of Rozes voice. The beat is soft and interesting, I almost prefer the backing to the melody. I love the pre chorus before the beat softly drops. It is irresistibly catchy and the click where the beat ‘drops’ is my favourite part of the song.

House- The Girl Is Mine (Destiny’s Child), 99 Souls
I think I first stumbled across this song on a Facebook vine. Again, the beat and the electronic sounds are so clever, how they made this song so current. I really like how they’ve arranged this song, and how it’s not heavy beats all the time, because I probably wouldn’t like it if was!

Pop/ Rap- No Interruption, Hoodie Allen
I have been a Hoodie fan for absolutely ages. Rap is not something I typically listen to, but Hoodie’s rap isn’t too harsh, hence why I thought this would go in the pop genre too. I love the build up from the chorus to where the beat drops. Personally I really like Hoodie’s voice when he sings as well as when he raps. It just works so well and is so commercial.

Rap- Stronger, Kanye West
I won’t go into too much detail on this song, because I have already mentioned it on my blog here. But essentially I really like this song, and I love the sample from Daft Punk.

Folk- Skye Waulking Song, Capercaillie
I do music GCSE, and this is one of the songs on our syllabus. I like approximately two songs on our syllabus, this and Grace by Jeff Buckley. Obviously I couldn’t include Grace, as it fits into my ‘normal’ genre. Anyways, I love this song because it is so calming and uplifting to listen to. It is in Gaelic, which almost makes you appreciate the melody more. I have a friend who listens to K-Pop, and I never really got why she would want to listen to songs she couldn’t understand but now I get what she means. This folk song is really good, if you go and listen to any song from this post please let it be this.

There we go, my favourite songs from various genres. As always I would love to know your opinions, and be sure to follow my blog if you like it and you can follow me on Twitter (@phoebs_eyles)

Top 5 Arctic Monkeys Songs

I am back to finish my top 10 Arctic Monkeys song, sorry for the wait. I’m pretty sure I could be a professional procrastinator. Here are my personal favourite 5 Arctic Monkeys, it was hard to choose! I would love to know your opinions.

5. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
This is the song that essentially got the Monkeys their initial fame, and what a tune it is. The garage, guitar heavy anthem is iconic. The melody in terms of Turners singing is not as refined as his voice on AM, but this song truly shows how the band have grown. And considering they started off with such a hit, the standard of their music is pretty high.

4. Old Yellow Bricks, Favourite Worst Nightmare.
This song combines the harsh sounds of the first album with the smooth tones of Turners voice. I wrote about this song in my March Playlist post, which you can read here. But essentially this song is very cleverly written with the lyrics, and a personal favourite of mine.

3. Knee Socks, AM
This song was never released as a single, which surprises me, considering it’s one of my favourites. The song tells a story and entices the listener. The utilisation of the falsetto voice in this song is one of the best on the album. I think this song captures the mellow, smooth side of the album as well as the story telling that Turner has always been so good at.

2. R U Mine, AM
This was the song that led me to discover the Arctic Monkeys, and is still one of my favourites. I have listened to this song on repeat for what feels like years, and I’m not bored of it. I love the heavy guitar and catchy bass part. All the parts in this anthem fit so perfectly together, and you can tell the band used all their talents to create something really special. The use of a monophonic texture in the bridge with Turner and the guitar is like a question and answer is captivating. I love this song too much!

1. 505, Favourite Worst Nightmare
505 has to be my favourite. The simplicity of the first half of the song contrasting with the second half is incredible. It makes me feel like some emotion is being held back, almost creating tension, if you can call it that. As the song gradually builds to the bridge and the final chorus, the bridge seems like a sudden explosion of emotion, which you can hear in Turners singing. I also love how Miles Kane is playing guitar in this song, I am also a TLSP fan.

There we have it, my top 5 Arctic Monkeys songs. If you haven’t seen the other half of this post, click here. I will try to post more regularly, I promise!
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Top 10 Arctic Monkeys Songs- Part 1 (6-10

I have decided to dedicate this post entirely to the Arctic Monkeys. They are honestly one of the most unique British bands that have improved and evolved album after album. I thought I would give you a run down of my top 10 Arctic Monkeys songs. I also plan on reviewing The Last Shadow Puppets album this month, so I hope you don’t get bored of hearing about Alex Turner. I mean how could you, he is Alex Turner after all.

10. Crying Lightning, Humbug
From the Arctic Monkeys third album, this song features lots of chromaticism, climaxing with the riff in the chorus. The song has quite a spooky feel. Alex’s voice goes perfectly with the song, his tone is so smooth. I personally love the guitar solo and the use of sound effects. The moments where it is just alex singing with no instruments are so effective and really create impact.

9. From The Ritz To The Rubble, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not.
I always forget how much how love this song! Alex’s distinct accent comes to play in this song. The song is full of energy, particularly with the repeated pattern with the guitar and drums. The song has a rugged feel. It is interesting comparing this sound to AM, it is so different.

8. Arabella, AM
This was one of my favourite songs when I first got into the Arctic Monkeys. Personally I believe the guitar with the falsetto voice make this song. The harsh guitar playing contrasts with the soft falsetto voice. It is a more mature feel than the songs mentioned above. However there are still hints of Turner’s Sheffield accent, of course.

7. When The Sun Goes Down, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
Another of my favourites from their first album. I love the soft beginning and ending of this song, with the more punky feel of the rest of the song. This is a prime example of the Arctic Monkeys storytelling about nightlife in the north. The lyrics are so blunt and honest, it enables the listener to create a clear picture of the scenario Turner sings about.

6. Fluorescent Adolescent, Favourite Worst Nightmare
This song has truly passed the test of time, remaining one of the most popular Arctic Monkeys to date. The lighthearted story like lyrics documents a women getting older and losing her sex appeal. Personally I love this song because it is a easy listen, and is such a typical sound from the early Arctic Monkeys.

That is the first part of this post, check back soon for my top 5 Arctic Monkeys songs.