Favourite Songs from all genres?!?

Hello everyone, I hope your week is going well. If you have read my (very few) posts, you will know that I like the alternative/Rock genre. I was once showing my friend my music and she said it all sounded the same. THE SAME?!?! Clearly I was outraged, obviously Arctic Monkeys sound completely different from the Chili Peppers! That being said, I do like to listen to songs from other genres, and I am going to share them with you today.

Indie Pop/ Dream Pop- Roses, The Chainsmokers
This song comes from the people who brought us ‘But first, let me take a selfie’ so it was a surprise when I found out they didn’t just do comedy and parody songs. I just love the electronic sounds and the dreaminess of Rozes voice. The beat is soft and interesting, I almost prefer the backing to the melody. I love the pre chorus before the beat softly drops. It is irresistibly catchy and the click where the beat ‘drops’ is my favourite part of the song.

House- The Girl Is Mine (Destiny’s Child), 99 Souls
I think I first stumbled across this song on a Facebook vine. Again, the beat and the electronic sounds are so clever, how they made this song so current. I really like how they’ve arranged this song, and how it’s not heavy beats all the time, because I probably wouldn’t like it if was!

Pop/ Rap- No Interruption, Hoodie Allen
I have been a Hoodie fan for absolutely ages. Rap is not something I typically listen to, but Hoodie’s rap isn’t too harsh, hence why I thought this would go in the pop genre too. I love the build up from the chorus to where the beat drops. Personally I really like Hoodie’s voice when he sings as well as when he raps. It just works so well and is so commercial.

Rap- Stronger, Kanye West
I won’t go into too much detail on this song, because I have already mentioned it on my blog here. But essentially I really like this song, and I love the sample from Daft Punk.

Folk- Skye Waulking Song, Capercaillie
I do music GCSE, and this is one of the songs on our syllabus. I like approximately two songs on our syllabus, this and Grace by Jeff Buckley. Obviously I couldn’t include Grace, as it fits into my ‘normal’ genre. Anyways, I love this song because it is so calming and uplifting to listen to. It is in Gaelic, which almost makes you appreciate the melody more. I have a friend who listens to K-Pop, and I never really got why she would want to listen to songs she couldn’t understand but now I get what she means. This folk song is really good, if you go and listen to any song from this post please let it be this.

There we go, my favourite songs from various genres. As always I would love to know your opinions, and be sure to follow my blog if you like it and you can follow me on Twitter (@phoebs_eyles)


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