The Getaway- New Red Hot Chili Peppers Review

Even with a reference to California in classic Chili Peppers style, this song didn’t strike a chord with me. I know my last post was a review of Dark Necessities by the Chili Peppers, but you have to review these songs as soon as they come out because otherwise it is old news. I will be doing my May Playlist soon, so look out for that.


After being incredibly impressed with Dark Necessities, The Getaway was a slight disappointment, considering it is the album title. The introduction is incredibly catchy, I love that insanely fast guitar riff.

I also love the verses. I like how all the instruments build up and how the whole song grows. The California reference in the second verse made me incredibly happy. It wouldn’t be a Chili Peppers album without referencing California, would it?

I like the chorus, but considering the verses build up to the chorus, I believe there could have been more impact in the chorus. Kiedis’ twang is very apparent in the chorus and the bridge, which as a Chili Peppers fan is something I love. I think the backing vocals repeating the lines in the chorus are an interesting touch, I honestly cannot decide how I feel about them!

After listening to the song numerous times it has definitely grown on me, however I personally do not think it will be the highlight of the album for me. I much prefer Dark Necessities. The Getaway has a slightly similar sound to Stadium Arcadium in my opinion, so I guess how much you like the song depends on what past album is your favourite.

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Dark Necessities- Red Hot Chili Peppers NEW SONG Review

As soon as that funky bass line entered, I knew the Chili Peppers were back. For those of you that don’t know, the Red Hot Chili Peppers released their first single off their new album called Dark Necessities. And my word what a tune it is. As soon as the song was announced two days ago, I was excited but nervous. What if I didn’t like it? Naturally the Chili Peppers have released a, quite frankly, brilliant song, so I had no reason to be worried.


The song starts off with some speedy guitar plucking and gradually the piano and drums come in and it all builds up. Then the bass comes in. Oh my gosh the bass! It is essentially everything I love about this band. When the vocals come in you hear the familiar tone of Kiedis’ voice. There is a lot of sounds and effects on the track, which is interesting and keeps their music current, without forgetting their usual sound.

The chorus is catchy, and it features some strings. The backing vocals and harmonies really add to the feel of the tune. Soon enough we are back to the irresistible bass line.

One thing I noticed on first listen is that it is sometimes difficult to clearly hear the lyrics, but that goes away after you hear it a couple of times.

The bridge has a happier feel, featuring a piano as the main instrument. When the vocals come in, it becomes very catchy. I don’t think the bridge has a massive amount of impact, however the rest of the song makes up for that.

The guitar solo towards the end of the song is an impressive sequence and I can tell it will be amazing live. It is a fairly long solo compared to guitar solos nowadays, which I love.

Overall the song features everything which we already love about the Chili Peppers, and demonstrates the bands ability to keep up with the music trends. They are truly a timeless band. I am so excited to see them at Reading Festival this year! Let me know if you are going because that would be pretty cool.

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