The Getaway- New Red Hot Chili Peppers Review

Even with a reference to California in classic Chili Peppers style, this song didn’t strike a chord with me. I know my last post was a review of Dark Necessities by the Chili Peppers, but you have to review these songs as soon as they come out because otherwise it is old news. I will be doing my May Playlist soon, so look out for that.


After being incredibly impressed with Dark Necessities, The Getaway was a slight disappointment, considering it is the album title. The introduction is incredibly catchy, I love that insanely fast guitar riff.

I also love the verses. I like how all the instruments build up and how the whole song grows. The California reference in the second verse made me incredibly happy. It wouldn’t be a Chili Peppers album without referencing California, would it?

I like the chorus, but considering the verses build up to the chorus, I believe there could have been more impact in the chorus. Kiedis’ twang is very apparent in the chorus and the bridge, which as a Chili Peppers fan is something I love. I think the backing vocals repeating the lines in the chorus are an interesting touch, I honestly cannot decide how I feel about them!

After listening to the song numerous times it has definitely grown on me, however I personally do not think it will be the highlight of the album for me. I much prefer Dark Necessities. The Getaway has a slightly similar sound to Stadium Arcadium in my opinion, so I guess how much you like the song depends on what past album is your favourite.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed. I would love you to follow my blog and I promise I will post more regularly! You can also follow me on Twitter if you like, it would be much appreciated.


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