Arctic Monkeys New Album- What Can we expect and when?

Two words that every Arctic Monkeys fan wants to hear: new album. Luckily those sweet words were confirmed on the 23rd of December as a bbc journalist confirmed the band was back in Sheffield to work on a new album together. Being the avid Arctic Monkeys fan that I am (credit to my brother who introduced me to them) I did some investigating to make some predictions about the album.


When will it be released?

It is hard to tell, due to the fact there has been no real pattern of how often the band release albums. The band have released albums in 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013. Therefore if this album gets released in 2017, it will have been 4 years since AM. Additionally we don’t know how long the album will take to write if they have only begun working on it. The gap between ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ (WPSIATWIN) and ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ was just over a year, showing that it is possible for the band to write an album’s worth of material in a year, suggesting that it could be released next year.  In  my opinion, I believe the band will follow a similar formula to AM, with the lead single R U Mine? being released in 2012 but the album released in 2013. I think we could get at least some new Arctic Monkeys material released in 2017, but perhaps not the  whole album.

What can we expect it to sound like?

If we look back at how the band’s sound has changed over the years, it seems obvious that we won’t be getting the fast spoken type songs seen on WPSIATWIN and Favourite Worst Nightmare. Turner’s songwriting style is more smooth now, however I think we can still expect some tongue in cheek lyrics, such as on the B-Side ‘Stop The World I Want To Get Off With You’ – the title says it all really.

AM was a huge album  for the band and it really emphasised how the band had grown and developed since 2005. With the success of the newer sound AM gave listeners, I think the band will want to keep the best elements of this. The falsetto voice was perfect on AM and it gave the album a cool, classy, somewhat dreamlike tone. I think this will be kept on the new album, as Turner’s work with The Last Shadow Puppets had a dreamlike psych vibe to it, in my opinion. Another strong element on AM was the catchy guitar riffs. In The Last Shadow Puppets Album there wasn’t any stand out riffs. However we have to remember that even back in 2007 The Last Shadow Puppets had a very different sound to Arctic Monkeys, so it is entirely possible that the band’s upcoming album could sound completely different to Turner’s more recent work. In fact I wouldn’t put it past them.

Another songwriter turner has been working with recently is Alexandra Saviour. I will link you to the NME article about the pair here as it goes into quite a bit of detail. Saviour co-wrote ‘Miracle Aligner’ a personal favourite track from The Last Shadow Puppets album. A track that interested me was ‘Audeline’ written by Turner, Saviour and James Ford, a producer for Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets. As Ford was involved I thought this song could potentially give us some idea of what sound to expect. I  will link the song here , in my opinion it has quite a dark, moody sound with a chord sequence I would expect from either Arctic Monkeys or The Last Shadow Puppets . It sounds somewhere in between the smooth tone of AM and  the synth, psych tone of ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ (The Last Shadow Puppets album) so it could be a good indicator of what is to come.


With Arctic Monkeys you never really know what’s coming next as each album has it’s own individual sound. Based on what music is already out there these are my conclusions, but if you have differing opinions I would love to know. As always, I hope you enjoyed reading and be sure to follow me on twitter for more.


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