Songs of the Week

I’ve been gone a while which probably won’t surprise you, sorry about that. I thought I would update you with what songs I have been listening to recently. Be warned, none of these songs are new releases, they are just the songs that have been on repeat recently. 

1. Guillotine- Jon Bellion

Wow I could talk about this song for ages. I always remember my music GCSE teacher telling us how some songs could be number 1 in the charts but not do well as a GCSE composition because of their simplicity. ‘Guillotine’ has so many unexpected elements that fit together in a smooth, flawless way, it is just musically genius. The song starts as a slow acoustic song, with Bellion’s lilting voice drawing you in with soft harmonies. Then a funky beat is placed in the back ground and the backing vocals become sharp and enticing. The song continues with electronic elements but keeps the acoustic elements in the verses. It is such a good song to listen to I highly recommend just experiencing the song. The bridge is catchy and even though it brings a different element to the song it works so well. The outro is also acoustic but upbeat. You know it is a musically good song when I could write about it for ages. If you listen to any song from this list, please let it be this one! 

2. Cocoon- Milky Chance

If you walk to work/school and listen to music, this song has to go on your playlist.  The husky vocals contrast the electronic sound effects on the song and it is stylistically incredible. The guitar counter melody in the chorus is just as catchy as the vocals and create an unusual extra layer to the song. The song feels very smooth and effortless. The verses are the perfect build up to the chorus and are quite catchy themselves. This is another flawless song I highly recommend.

3. Moving to New York- The Wombats 

This past month I have been into mid 2000s indie rock, with The Kooks being a personal favourite. However, I love this song by The Wombats. I love the heavy guitar and drums and how almost hectic the song feels. I love the guitar in the verses, it adds an extra element to the song. The guitar solo as the bridge is so skilled and interesting for the listener. It removes the need for a bridge section with vocals without ruining the song. I like the garage nature of the song, it adds to the almost rugged feeling to the song. The lead singer, Matthew Murphy,  vocals are bold and exciting. This song is a perfect indie rock song to listen to. 

4. The Mack- David Zowie Remix 
I am reasonably specific about the music I like, however I have recently branched out into other genres of music such as grime and dance music (mind you I will take Arctic Monkeys over Skepta any day, but it is good to broaden your musical horizons).  This dance song in particular isn’t too overpowering in terms of the beat, yet it is still a high energy song which you expect from the genre. The vocals have a soul like feel to them and I love the piano chords being bashed out, it reminds me of late 80s / early 90s dance music (which I have listened to far too much of, thanks to my parents) . Nonetheless the build up to the beat drop is brilliant and focuses on increasing the layers of the vocals as well as the beat, which I like. I don’t know much about good dance music, but I enjoy listening to this song . 

I hope you enjoyed reading and that you check out some of these songs! Be sure to follow this blog and me on Twitter (@phoebs_eyles ) , that would be great. 


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