Welcome to my blog!

Writing is something that I have always loved. I doubt my english teacher will tell you I’m very good at it, but hey I enjoy it! This is actually not my first blog, I had a fashion blog when I went through my phase of ‘trying to be the next Zoella’ . Safe to say it did not go very well, but admittedly it was fun. Music is a big part of my life. I love discovering new artists and bands, and getting lost in a song. It made perfect sense for my next blogging attempt to be about music! I thought to start off this blog, I would tell you some music related facts about myself.

  1. My favourite band is Imagine Dragons. They really were the band that first sparked my love of music. They are also the only band I have ever seen at a concert.
  2. I take music GCSE, but I immensely dislike it. Composing is just so difficult! And as much as I enjoy listening to music, analysing music I didn’t really like in the first place becomes boring.
  3. I want to learn to play the bass guitar. I just think it would be a really cool instrument to learn.
  4. I used to play the flute. Actually, I got pretty good at it but I gave it up last year. I started playing when I was 7 so my initial interest in it definitely faded as I got older.
  5. I enjoy being in musicals and singing musical theatre songs, but I would never listen to it outside of that setting.
  6. My family has pretty similar music tastes. My brother and I like near enough the same bands. My brother, my parents and myself all share a love for Arctic Monkeys.
  7. I rarely listen to music through headphones. Obviously if I am in public I will, but if I am in my room I generally play my music through the built in speaker on my phone/ipad.
  8. I make spotify playlists every month, you can check them out by searching ‘phoebs14’ on Spotify.
  9. In my house currently we have 3 guitars (one is my mums old one, one is my brothers electric and the other my brothers acoustic) a keyboard, my flute and my ukulele. And my recorder from 2k6, but I don’t really think that counts.
  10. I am struggling to think of more facts, but the last song I listened to was House of Memories, by Panic! At the disco.

There we have it, 10 music related facts about me. I’m not really sure if you can follow blogs on WordPress, so if you can, you should follow me! I am hoping to post at least once a week.